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DuoStar Technologies specializes in the repair of computer workstations and Windows Servers. We also specialize in customized or special purpose systems, which cannot be obtained off-the-shelf from major manufacturers.  Each system built comes with a guarantee for one year and A+ Technical Support.  As experts in Information Technology, we help your business make smart technology decisions on state-of-the-art computer equipment, as well as the most cost-effective equipment and software for your business.

Building it Better

There are many reasons to have a custom built computer as opposed to aComputer Motherboard commercially built system, which includes some, or all of the following traits:
  • To determine what one wants and needs in regard to quality, price, and availability;
  • To make a machine customized for your exact needs
  • To recycle an older system, or to upgrade to a more modern motherboard, video card, CPU, and RAM;
  • To have a high end machine for gaming, multimedia, or other demanding tasks;
  • To avoid the advertising links, trial software, and other commission-driven additions and modifications that increasingly are made to mass-market computers prior to their being shipped;
  • To be able to make modifications to the original build at a later date with little hassle, and
  • Migrate your existing data to a new custom built workstation or server.

We understand Computers and Networks

We facilitate decisions such as when to upgrade or purchase new computersample workstations, and advise on client/server vs. peer-to-peer networks. In addition, we troubleshoot your non-working computer workstations and Windows network servers, manage proprietary software installation, upgrade your desktop workstations, and remove any viruses you may have encountered.

Our team understands computers and networks, and how they interact. We intuitively understand where the root of your problem lies. Have a difficulty that no one has been able to solve? Give DuoStar the opportunity, and we're certain your technology problems will be found and fixed in the shortest possible time. We offer expert solutions and on-time service. 

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